Ensuring your products meet industry standards

Empire Infosol offers its clients a dedicated Quality Control(QC) team which ensures that a software product will meet its quality goals at the best value to the customer. Empire Infosol uses techniques like Software Quality Management(SQM) to ensure the quality of software and its development process. SQM is integrated from day 1 to ensure the successful development of a quality product. Empire Infosol uses several testing techniques like Unit testing, Functional testing, Integration test, Performance testing and Load testing before delivering a product to its clients. We make sure the delivered product is up there with the best when it is delivered to our client.

Using application specific testing techniques

Empire Infosol follows different testing techniques for each product depending on the requirement. Depending on the magnitude and scale of a application we suggest the testing regime to be followed for your application. We not only suggest you testing from just the user experience point of view but also from your business point of view.
We make sure proper test cases are prepared for each application we are working on and they are approved by our project management team.